Source code for pytw.impact

import datetime
import json
import copy

import constants as Constants
import rating
import impact_status
import advisory_vuln
import cve_vuln
import exceptions

[docs]class Impact(object): """ Impact object. :param impact_json: Impact JSON in canonical form """ def __init__(self, impact_json): self.__is_dirty = False self.__impact_json = impact_json self.__vuln_id = self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_VULN_ID] self.__asset_id = self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_ASSET_ID] if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_ASSET_ID) is not None else None self.__affected_product = self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_AFFECTED_PRODUCT] if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_AFFECTED_PRODUCT) is not None else None self.__vulnerable_product = self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_VULNERABLE_PRODUCT] if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_VULNERABLE_PRODUCT) is not None else None self.__confidence = int(self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_CONFIDENCE]) if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_CONFIDENCE) is not None else None self.__rating = rating.Rating(int(self.__impact_json[Constants.RATING])) if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.RATING) is not None else rating.Rating.Unknown self.__status = self.__get_status_enum(self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_STATUS]) if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_STATUS) is not None else None self.__timestamp = datetime.datetime.strptime(self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_TIMESTAMP], "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") if self.__impact_json.get(Constants.IMPACT_TIMESTAMP) is not None else None vuln_id = impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_VULNERABILITY][Constants.VULN_ID] if (vuln_id.startswith("CVE-")): self.__vuln = cve_vuln.CVEVuln(impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_VULNERABILITY]) else: self.__vuln = advisory_vuln.AdvisoryVuln(impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_VULNERABILITY])
[docs] def is_updated(self): """ :Returns True if impact has been modified """ return self.__is_dirty
def __get_status_enum(self, status_str): if (status_str == "OPEN"): return impact_status.Status(0) if (status_str == "RESOLVED"): return impact_status.Status(1) if (status_str == "IGNORED"): return impact_status.Status(2) if (status_str == "NOT_RELEVANT"): return impact_status.Status(3) raise exceptions.PyTWError("Invalid status ["+status_str+"] specified")
[docs] def get_vuln_id(self): """ :Returns a string containing the vulnerability ID """ return self.__vuln_id
[docs] def get_asset_id(self): """ :Returns a string containing the asset ID """ return self.__asset_id
[docs] def get_affected_product(self): """ :Returns a string containing the affected product from the vulnerability """ return self.__affected_product
[docs] def get_vulnerable_product(self): """ :Returns a string containing the vulnerable product from the asset """ return self.__vulnerable_product
[docs] def get_confidence(self): """ :Returns the confidence for this impact """ return self.__confidence
[docs] def get_rating(self): """ :Returns the rating as VulnRating enum for this impact """ return self.__rating
[docs] def get_rating_as_int(self): """ :Returns the rating for this impact as an integer """ return self.__rating.value
[docs] def get_rating_as_str(self): """ :Returns the rating for this impact as a string for display purposes """ return
[docs] def get_status(self): """ :Returns the status as a string """ return self.__status
[docs] def set_status(self, new_status): """ :Sets the status as a string """ self.__status= self.__get_status_enum(new_status) self.__impact_json[Constants.IMPACT_STATUS] = self.__is_dirty = True
[docs] def get_timestamp(self): """ :Returns the timestamp of this impact """ return self.__timestamp
[docs] def get_vulnerability(self): """ :Returns the vulnerability object associated with this impact """ return self.__vuln
[docs] def to_json(self): """ :Returns JSON representation of the object """ return copy.deepcopy(self.__impact_json)
def __str__(self): return json.dumps(self.__impact_json)